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Jack The Lad Of Kenstaff – Tuti

Some notes about our “Tüti”

Tüti’s real name was Jack the Lad of Kenstaff, a wonderful Golden male dog. The vaccination record however says. Colour: Isabell Born on June 4 1975 at Kennel-Club England (source also vaccination passport), we bought Jack after we moved to Bavaria and because we wanted a friend and companion for Billy (see my article about Bill von Horstereck). My father took me with him to a breeder located nearby in Bavaria as he wanted me to choose one of the dogs for Billy. Jack immediately catched my eye because he was the cutest little puppy thing I had ever seen at that time (I was a 11 year old boy). Of course Jack was a bit shy with only 2 months old, but very very friendly and nice. We had a deep connection within minutes...

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Bill von Horstereck – Billy

Some notes about our “Billy”

Billy’s real name was Bill von Horstereck, a wonderful brindle male dog. Born on 10.10.1973 at a breeder H. Timpe at Gelsenkirchen, Germany, my father bought him directly from the breeder as a puppy with only 2 months old as a wedding anniversary present for my mother (which was in December). We lived in Wolfsburg, Germany at that time. I was 9 years old. Soon after his arrival it turned out that he was severely sick. In the beginning the sickness was unknown but Billy suffered so much that I can vividly remember how he tried to hide in our cellar to die. But my parents would not give up. My mother tried several dog medicines, nothing worked. Obviously the veterinary at that time didn’t had a clue what Billy was suffering from...

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